Adobe Photoshop NFT

Adobe Photoshop Launches New NFT Button to Prove Digital Art Ownership

Adobe Photoshop NFT
Metaverse and NFT have become global tech hits! Following Facebook, Adobe went big in NFT, launching a new NFT button in Photoshop to authenticate image copyrights and ownership.

Adobe Photoshop’s new function, Content Credentials, verifies that the art’s source is authentic. Also, Adobe has integrated the new NFT tool with NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible.

In Photoshop, digital artists can link the Adobe ID to their own cryptocurrency wallets to “stamp” their NFT projects. Thereby, all NFTs issued will have a certificate, so that potential buyers can verify the art’s source. Even if other people download the image by themselves and mint another NFT, they will not possess the source credentials.

The launch of Adobe Photoshop’s NFT tool is significant to the NFT market. The software giant has made its product lineup – Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Lightroom – to be the industry standard for global designers. Almost every designer uses Adobe’s software in image and video production.

Adobe has integrated its new NFT function with leading NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare. This will make Adobe a key player in the NFT space.

Adobe Photoshop Uses IPFS to Solve Fake NFT Scam

Adobe product director Scott Belsky is a big proponent of NFTs. Photoshop’s Prepare As NFT tool will launch a trial version at the end of this month. Moreover, Adobe is using IPFS (Inter-Planet File System) to store the NFT certificate data.

IPFS stores and shares data in a distributed file system. Instead of a centralized server, IPFS stores each file across its network nodes. This ensures the secure, peer-to-peer data storage and delivery.

You may think of decentralized storage technologies like IPFS and Arweave as how BitTorrent works. Additionally, Hong Kong blockchain project LikeCoin uses IPFS to store data permanently and safely.

NFT scams emerge as the NFT boom sweeps the world. This is because basically everyone can issue NFTs on their own through marketplaces such as OpenSea – even without image copyright.

Tackling the fake NFT problem, Adobe Photoshop’s addition helps artists and collectors to prove the art’s source is authentic.

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