About Genesis Block

A leading Over the Counter (OTC) trading center of digital assets in Hong Kong
Genesis Block is backed by an experienced team of financial professionals and deep liquidity pools.

Genesis Block was founded in 2012 to serve the needs of the mining industry. Our business comprises of OTC/Proprietary trading, Investments, building online/offline communities mainly in Hong Kong and Thailand. In the past few years we have organized over 200 events and built a following of over 20 million passionate users.


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Brand Pillars

Trust and Reliability

We pride ourselves on the trust and goodwill we harbour with our clients. Our belief is that transparency and honesty are pivotal to sustainable success. So we will always be upfront and truthful regarding the information we provide and our service fees. Above all else we are trusted because of our emphasis on safety and the privacy we provide our clients and their data. 

Hand in hand with the trust we build, we are committed to our reliability. So no matter who or where you are, you can count on us to provide immaculate service. Furthermore, the consistent quality of our service and the dependability of our team is paramount to what we believe is good business. 


Genesis Block is accessible to anyone and everyone. So if you’re trying to trade or just want to learn more about Bitcoin and Crypto space. We encourage people to engage with us and each other as we build the community together. 

Additionally, our team tries to make ourselves physically available to answer your questions as much as is humanly possible. So if you ever have a question or comment, rest assured that a member of our team will respond. Above all in this regard, our goal is to always be one click, email, message, or call away. 

Genesis Block has lower minimum entry amounts than most other OTCs, and will always help you find a trading solution no matter the amount. Our goal is to make Bitcoin and Cryptos as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. Well over a billion people in the world have cell phones but and no access to a bank account. These people stand to benefit the most from decentralized cryptocurrencies. We have made it our mission to try and make cryptos accessible to everyone.


Whether offline or online we are growing a community that encourages and inspires people. We spark discussions, educate, and engage people in the global Bitcoin and Crypto community in a way that resonates. In addition if you’re a Bitcoin veteran or new to the space we welcome you to and hope you’ll engage with us and our community. 

Our Management


Founder & Director

A former Ernst & Young auditor, Wincent was running his own hostel in Wan Chai when he recognized Bitcoin’s potential and began accepting Bitcoin from his hostel guests to settle payments. Consequently Wincent is a pioneer in this regard. In addition, Wincent became one of the earliest merchants in Hong Kong to accept digital assets as an alternative to fiat.

By 2016 Wincent had established significant mining businesses in China and formed strong relationships with Chinese OTC traders.  In November 2017—sensing the incredible market potential for digital assets here in Hong Kong. Wincent founded Genesis Block to boost digital assets’ standing and availability in one of the world’s premier financial centers.


Co-Founder & CEO

Clement was astonished by his first encounter with Bitcoin during his visit to Argentina in 2013. So locals would exchange their monthly wages to Bitcoins because they didn’t trust the government-backed fiat currency.  Clement is a critical participant in over 40 blockchain related projects.  He’s an enthusiastic supporter of Bitcoin and the distributed ledger technology.

Clement is leading Genesis Block in business development and partnerships.  He works closely with academia, digital asset funds, blockchain start-ups and key opinion leaders to grow and engage the community.  Clement is a well-respected leader of the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific digital asset community. Furthermore, he has a substantial role in advancing Genesis Block’s profile in the market as a highly sought-after global event speaker.


Head Trader

Charles started his career in Hong Kong in Korean equities at Samsung Securities.  A Hong Kong-bred Korean, Charles leveraged his multicultural background as he built his network with Korean corporations and institutions.

Charles’ responsibilities include explaining basics to prospective and new clients, servicing accounts with his experienced team of traders. Utilizing his personal networks and experience as an institutional broker. Similarly Charles attracts tech leaders and cutting-edge investors to the emerging Genesis Block platform.

Our Team