A Leading Over The Counter (OTC) Trading Centre for Digital Assets

At Genesis Block, you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and hundreds of other Cryptocurrencies.

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Hong Kong’s Premier OTC Trading Centre

We are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading experts
We have decades of collective experience in the crypto space. With our head office based in Hong Kong,
Genesis Block is proudly serving our community as the first stop for all things Bitcoin, Crypto, and Blockchain.

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Supported Digital Assets

Genesis Block is here to help you buy, sell, or learn anything cryptocurrency and blockchain.
There are staple cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash that we can easily help you transact. However, we can also help you acquire or sell most other digital assets upon request.

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We are experts at everything Bitcoin, Crypto, and Blockchain.
We understand that many of the Crypto’s concepts can be daunting. No need to fear, we are here to help.
Whether you are brand new to cryptos or a veteran, we are always happy to assist you in anyway we can.

We follow industry best practices
Industry Best Practices
We follow industry best practices in how we conduct business.

Reliable Service
Reliable Service
We provide bespoke quality service to all of our clients.

Genesis Block aims to provide our services to as many people as possible.

Community building

Community is one of our brand pillars. Whether offline or online we are growing a community that encourages and inspires people. 

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Crypto Classroom

The Crypto Classroom provides educational content for beginners and veterans alike.
We spark discussions, educate, and engage people in the global Bitcoin and Crypto community in a way that resonates.