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Our daily recap of all things blockchain and digital assets related, to better serve our clients and to inform the public.

SEC: Outlined the reasons broker-dealer applications are on hold for the crypto industry in a joint statement with FINRA.
FACEBOOK: Assures lawmakers co will not have access to personal data through Libra. KYC/AML info to be processed by wallet providers.
POLONIEX: Launches fiat support via bank account or credit card.
MT GOX: Fortress investment offering to buy creditor claims @ $900 per BTC.
ZOOM: Conf call app vulnerability found. Malicious websites could join calls without permission and access webcams.
BINANCE: Confirmations required for deposit of BTC, ETH reduced.
LG: Files trademark “ThinQ Wallet”. Can anticipate crypto wallets in upcoming smartphones.
OPENFINANCE: Tokenizes and lists crypto HF, Protos.

SINGAPORE: Plans to remove GST on certain cryptos. Would come into effect 2020.
KUMEX: Offering negative fees for makers. Index to come from six major exchanges.
SHAPESHIFT: Launches non-custodial platform for users to trade/track multiple currencies. HW wallet required.
TRON: Police were called to protect the Beijing office from protestors. The crowd were victims of a similar named ponzi.
CHINA: Facebook’s Libra is forcing the central bank to develop its own cryptocurrency.

BCHAIN: Prepping for a hardfork scheduled to occur on Jul 15. Key changes include: 1) delisting proposals, 2) time locking tokens, 3) maker/taker concepts, 4) offline signing of txs.
TETHER: Mints 100m USDT (ERC20). Most likely related to Binance’s move to remove Omni USDT withdrawals.
BINANCE: Reports BTC correlation with alts fell significantly in Q2. BTC dominance at levels similar to the start of the ’17 bull run.
KUCOIN: To launch public beta of independent derivs platform on Jul 8. BTC perpetual contracts available with up to 20x leverage. Revenue shared to KCS holders.
CME: Adds itBit to its ETH index. Mkt anticipating launch of futures.
TEZOS: Latin American IB, BTG Pactual, plans to utilize network to issue STOs. Deal pipeline ~$1b.
VECHAIN: >$5m open mkt buyback to start Jul ’19.
MONERO: Several vulnerabilities being patched. Includes 1) special blocks for fake deposits, 2) crashing nodes via heavy data requests.
ELECTRUM: Close to new release that will support Lightning.

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