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Our daily recap of all things blockchain and digital assets related, to better serve our clients and to inform the public.

BITMAIN: Preparing to deploy ~200k units of its newer rigs (S11, S15) in China.
MT GOX: Trustee has approved creditor claims of >$3b. Assets on hand ~$1b which includes 141k BTC and 142k BCH.
FACEBOOK: Internally investigating claims that user passwords were kept in plain text and accessible by its 20k employees.
BAKKT: Series A implies valuation of $740m.
LIGHTNING: Introduces ‘Loop’. Allows for increasing quantities without closing/reopening channels.
SIRIN: Blockchain phone now integrated with MyEtherWallet.
BINANCE: Correlation analysis on top 30 mkt cap names.

BLOCKFI: The lending co has attracted $35m in crypto deposits since its launch Mar 5. Promised annual interest up to 6.2% but the deposits are not insured.
COMMONWEALTH: Introduces ‘lockdrop’. Participants are required to lock their ETH to receive an immediate airdrop.
ETF: Public feedback to the SEC has been mostly negative. Reasons around volatility and manipulation.
CASPIAN: Partners with Deribit to offer futures/options on its platform.
HUOBI: First IEO to launch Mar 26. Project called TOP Network. US$1k individual cap.
POS: $3.9b worth of tokens are staked across ~40 networks. EOS, Dash, Cosmos lead the rankings.
CARDANO: Releases 1.5 mainnet. Hard fork to new consensus protocol, Ouroboros BFT. Exchanges need to migrate to new wallet API.
BLOCKSTREAM: Revamps wallet to include 1) multisig 2FA, 2) support for HW wallets, 3) support for Tor (IP shielding).
TEZOS: Holders vote for protocol amendments, 1) higher gas limits, 2) lower min stake for baking.

IEO: Binance is again under scrutiny after users were repeatedly logged out during Celer’s IEO last night
BINANCE: Creates a fiat onramp via 1300 newsagents in Australia. Users must register in advance.
JAPAN: New laws will limit crypto margin trading to 2~4x. Will take effect in 2020.
AVNET: Fortune 500 electronics distributor now accepts crypto via BitPay.
BITGO: Adds support to compliantly store BCAP security token.
BITMAIN: Claims Antminer Z11 has 3x hashpower vs. that of previous Z9. Runs Equihash algo (Zcash).
MAKER: Looking to raise stability fee to 7.5% as DAI hovers below $1.
SILVERGATE: Adds 59 new crypoto clients in 4Q but deposits down 8%. Decline driven by exchanges.

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