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Our daily recap of all things blockchain and digital assets related, to better serve our clients and to inform the public.

SEC: ICO, Gladius Network, settles with the SEC. Project needs to refund investors by request and register its tokens as securities.
WYOMING: Three major bills passed. Digital assets are recognized as property. Tokenizing securities and special depository institutions are allowed.
SAMSUNG: Unveils new Galaxy S10. Confirmed to feature private key storage.
MEW: Partners with Bity to give users an exit-to-fiat gateway. No KYC required up to ~$5k. Supports EUR and CHF.
SPARKPOOL: Freezes 2100 ETH mining reward and asks sender to reach out. May have been caused by a faulty bot.
CRYPTOFUNDS: Median return for 4Q18 was -19%. Still o/pf BTC by 25%. Quants performed best; down just 3%.
KUCOIN: Rumored to be asking projects for ‘volume-boosting’ fees. Threatens delisting.
HASHGRAPH: Sets up governance council with big names including Nomura and Deutche Telekom.

BINANCE CHAIN: The new DEX testnet is up and running.
SECURITIZE: Partners with OTCXN to develop an all-in-one solution for security tokens.
ETH: Records highest daily trading vol in over a year.
ETH: Sparkpool receives payout of >2100 ETH for mining just one block. User probably reversed the amount for # of tokens and fees.
BITMAIN: Based on HKEx filing, co should have posted just $200m rev and a $500m loss in 3Q18.
BITGO: Insured up to $100m for both hot and cold wallets. Provided by Lloyd’s of London.
CUMBERLAND: Moving client communication off of Skype to a single dealer platform. Will initially support 10 pairs.
OKEX: Adds 4 new margin trading pairs including BSV.

BITMAIN: Announces new 7nm chip boasting efficiency as low as 30J/TH, a ~29% improvement. Will feature in to-be-released miners, S17 and T17.​
CRAIG WRIGHT: Bashes Ethereum in a response to the CFTC’s request for public comments on crypto.​
BLOCKSTREAM: Releases code for developers to test Schnorr signatures. Potential to add privacy and further scalability to Bitcoin.
INDONESIA: Lays out regulations for engaging in crypto futures trading. Capital requirements extremely demanding.
BEAM: Receives investment from Japan’s Recruit (like LinkedIn).
CHINA: Guangdong tax bureau to implement digital invoices for e-commerce industry.

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