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Our daily recap of all things blockchain and digital assets related, to better serve our clients and to inform the public.

BASIS: The algorithmic stablecoin is officially shutting down. Remaining funds will be returned to investors.
REVOLUT: Acquires a European banking license. Can offer insured bank accounts to users in early 2019.
ROBINHOOD: Launches zero-fee checking/savings service with 3% interest rates. Users will also get a free debit card. Possible with broker-dealer license.
EXCHANGES: Despite the bear market, verified users have almost doubled in first 3Q of 2018.
GERMANY: Stuttgart and solarisBank set to launch a zero-fee crypto exchange in 1H19.

GUSD: 65% of circulating supply held at Huobi. OKEx is #2.
KRAKEN: Reaching out to select investors and raise capital. Min $100k, total valuation $4b. Co claims they are fine financially but wants to grow its warchest.
ADA: EMURGO in partnership with Metaps+ launches a crypto card that is acceptable at >33k retail outlets in Korea. Card is available in denominations of 100 or 1000 ADA.
MT GOX: Prosecutors pushing for 10 years in prison for CEO, Karpeles. Allegations of embezzlement of $3m USD.
UBER: Fold app allows users to purchase Uber rides with BTC.
VENEZUELA: Govt is converting pensioner’s monthly payments to Petro. Troublesome for the elderly..

GEMINI: Launches mobile app for iOS and Android.
POLONIEX: Extends fee-free trading of USDC through Dec.
CFTC: Publishes RFI to learn more from the public about Ethereum.
SAMSUNG: Refutes rumors of adding a crypto wallet to Galaxy S10.
GBX: Partners with local insurer, Callaghan, to offer coverage of both hot/cold wallets.

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